Box Dropper Logistics

Our Terms and Conditions For Man & Van, Light Removals and Retail Store / Online Store / Goods Collection Services

(You Agree To These Terms And Conditions When You Make A Book With Us)

Issue Date: June 2015

1. London Congestion Charges Where Applicable

An additional charge of £11.50 per day will apply when entering the London Congestion Charging area on a booking for You on any weekday between the hours of 7am to 6pm unless we stated otherwise by Us.

2. Parking Permits - Your Responsibilities

It is the Your responsibility when using Our services to ensure that Our van can park legally at all times when used in a booking for You. This includes Your arrival premises when removing, collecting or delivering goods, at any intermediate parking locations and at Your final delivery address. It is Your responsibility to ensure that parking permits from local councils have been obtained in advance of the booking if they are required to ensure that Our van can park legally at all times for Your booking. Any fines issued to Us arising from illegal parking at any location whilst undertaking Your booking will be your responsibility to pay on the day.

3. Parking Restrictions - Your Responsibilities

With regards to parking restrictions on the day of Your booking, we will not park Our van on double yellow lines or in any area where parking restrictions apply that are illegal for Us to do so. It will be Your responsibility to ensure that adequate parking charges will been paid for parking meters or will be paid by You by other means including but not exclusive to mobile text parking payments or by online payment for parking for Our van. Our van must be parked legally at all times and We reserve the right to cancel any booking for You where this is not being agreed to by You on the day of the booking. Any fines issued to Us for Our van being parked illegally will be Your responsibility to pay the fine on the day it is issued to Us.

4. Booking Times and Booking Dates - Your Responsibilities

It is Your responsibility to ensure that You adhere to the times and dates selected for the booking of Our services. You will be charged a pro-rata amount of an hourly rate of £25.00 per hour if waiting times at an arrival or destination point incur delays to Us in 15 minute increments. For the avoidance of doubt a 15 minute delay caused by You will incur a charge of £6.75 for every 15 minute delay. This includes if You or Your designated agent, who we know about in advance are: Not present at point of arrival, Not ready to begin to load the van at the arrival time, Not finished packing items ready to be loaded, Parking provisions have not been made for Our van to park legally, Waiting for a Keyholder to arrive at any premises, Waiting for any other party to secure safe access to a property to enable safe loading and unloading of Your goods.

5. Packing & Packaging - Your Responsibilities

It is Your responsibility to ensure that Your items have been packed and have been packaged safely and securely, unless You have asked Us to help You with the packing or packaging process in writing before goods have been loaded into Our van for delivery. We will not accept any liabilities or penalties for damages or breakages to goods where goods have not been packed or packaged by You or any other party to Our satisfaction prior to removal, delivery or collection at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, we reserve the right to refuse to carry any goods that have not been packed or packaged to Our satisfaction to protect Your goods to be carried by Us in question. Further, if We believe that carrying Your goods would invalidate our insurances of goods in transit that We can accept to carry as goods in transit, we will not at any time carry any such goods for You.

6. Store, Online Purchases & Other Goods Collections - Your Responsibilities

It is Your responsibility to ensure that any retail stores, residential property owners, goods owners or other commercial entities where We collect goods for You have been informed to their satisfaction that We will be collecting goods on behalf of You. Any delays with regards to the collection of goods for You will be billed by Us to You in 15 minute increments until Stores, residential property, goods owners or commercial entities agree to Our collection of goods on behalf of You. It is also Your responsibility to ensure that for items to be collected for delivery for You heavier in weight than 20Kg per item, that there are store staff or other individuals ready to assist in the loading of items onto Our van in a safe manner for secure loading. It is Your responsibility that for all goods items heavier than 20kg in weight for the delivery of Your goods into Your residential or commercial property or another agreed drop off location there is someone who will assist me if deemed necessary by Us to safely remove from Our van. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the dimensions of any goods items collected by Us for You have been measured by You and can be safely delivered by Us without damaging Your goods items or any other residential, commercial or other property. We will not be liable for any damages or breakages to goods or property where doorways, hallways staircases or any access issues have caused damage to Your goods. Any goods collected that cannot be delivered safely or without damaging the goods will be returned at Your cost to the store or individuals concerned where the goods were originally collected from. We accept no liability whatsoever with regards to any delays that may arise from poor access or any hazards as deemed by Us to be unsafe with regards to the movement of Your goods or for any delays or penalties suffered by You by cancelling a delivery at any time by Us to You.

7. Payment Terms By You To Us

We only accept payments from You to Us by Bank Transfer, Credit Card Payments, Debit Card Payments and Cash without exception. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Us in advance of a booking by prior arrangement payment for our services is strictly payment on the day we undertake work for you. For bookings that take have been agreed to that will take longer than 3 hours of our time to complete, we reserve the right to take a deposit in advance of 30% of the total bill at our discretion from You.

8. Cancellations By You

If a booking is cancelled by You within 48 hours of an agreed booking with Us, We reserve the right to deduct £25.00 from any deposit paid by You to Us which equates to 1 hour of Our time to compensate Us and by booking with Us you agree to these terms.

9. Cancellations By Us

If due to circumstances beyond our control, in the case of vehicle driveability issues, loading equipment failure, illness to delivery or collection staff, access or hazard issues that prevent safe removal, delivery or collection of Your goods items, non-payment of deposit in advance when requested by Us from You, traffic issues beyond our control on the day or Acts of God that prevent Us from operating, We reserve the right to cancel a booking with You at any time without liability to Ourselves. If a cancellation by Us is necessary, We will try to notify you by telephone, text and/or email in advance as soon as possible to let You know that the booking has been cancelled by Us.

10. Access And Hazards Prior Notification Requirement - Your Responsibilities

It is Your responsibility to ensure that We are informed in a timely manner prior to You agreeing to a booking with Us of any access or hazard issues where it would be unsafe for Us to operate whilst removing, collecting or delivering Your goods at any time. This includes but is not exhaustive the following Access and Hazard issues that can result in a booking being delayed, postponed or having to be cancelled by Us; Floor Hazards, Hallway Width & Height Issues, Door Widths and Heights, Stairwell Access, Broken Lifts, External or Internal Step Hazards, Low Ceiling Heights, Busy Communal Areas, Busy Shared Access Areas, Pets Not Under Control, Unsupervised Children In A Working Environment, Unsafe Stacking Of Goods By You, Unsafe Access To Goods In Property, Unsafe Packaging Of Goods (Sharps) By You, Your Agents or Stores, Water Hazards including Ice and Snow, Fire Hazards, Electrical Hazards, Trip Hazards. It is Your responsibility to ensure that We operate in a safe working environment in all locations for any bookings for You when using Our services. All access and/or hazards must be pointed out by You to Us in advance of any booking being made. Failure to do so, or if We believe that We have been misled in any way by You or that You have not informed Us of any Access or Hazard issues that prevent Us from operating in a safe manner at all times, We reserve the right to cancel the booking at no liability or financial liability to Ourselves or until any such access issues have been remedied to Our satisfaction.

11. No Survey or Site Visit Completed Prior To Booking

If a site survey or removals survey or site visit has not been completed by Us for You for Light Removals, Man and Van or any of our other services and You have not informed Us about Hazards or Access Issues or We believethat You have misled Us about the number of items that need to be removed, delivered, collected or packaged, the size of the items that need to be moved or the weight of items that need to be moved, We reserve the right to cancel the booking without any liability or financial penalty to Ourselves or to re-quote for Your booking to be completed by Us on the same date or at a later date that is agreeable to both parties.

12. Light Removals & Man & Van Bookings - Your Responsibilities

All Your goods that need to be collected or removed by Us by Man And Van and Our Light Removals services need to be in accessible areas where it is safe for Us to operate. Your goods and belongings need to be packaged and boxed prior to Our arrival ready to be moved straight into Our van. If possible, try to relocate all items into one room close to an exit that will accommodate Your goods to be able to be safely moved from the premises. If You are not ready for Us on the day or you wish to postpone a prior booking, please provide Us with as much notice as possible as You will be billed in 15 minute increments of Our Hourly Minimum Rate of £25.00 per hour.

13. Lift Access In Residential & Commercial Buildings - Your Responsibilities

When You have made a booking with Us for removal, man and van or goods collection or delivery services and the collection or delivery point for Your goods is above the 3rd floor, We need to be informed of this prior to a booking being agreed to by You in writing. We only undertake services up to and including the 3rd floor of any building under all circumstances where stairwell access is required by Us to remove, collect and deliver Your goods. If You require services above the 3rd floor of any residential or commercial building and there is no functional lift working on arrival or We are not allowed access to a lift or Your Goods cannot fit into the lift or Your Goods are too heavy for the lift or there is a danger to other members of the public by moving Your goods using a lift for Your booking, we reserve the right to either make an additional charge of £5.00 per floor using safe stairwell access if possible or if this is not possible, to cancel Your booking at no liability or penalty to Us by You.